Massage Therapy and Wellness in Troy, Michigan

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Troy, Michigan boasts many popular rankings within Michigan and the United States. Being the 11th largest city in Michigan, the 19th safest city in the nation, and in the 22nd spot on the best places to live in the United States list. Located in Metropolitan Detroit’s northern suburbs, Troy has become a popular business and shopping destination. Being in such a popular location, massage therapy and wellness services would benefit many individuals in this area.


Michigan Massage and Wellness offers a number of massage therapy services in Troy. Not limiting themselves to any certain area of massage, the services offered are extensive with different variations depending on the service.


Certified Massage Therapists in Troy

If you are seeking the services of a certified massage therapist, Michigan Massage and Wellness offers many services that could benefit you. They offer the following services:

Michigan Massage and Wellness is not just a massage therapy studio, they are a wellness boutique that specializes in providing excellent care to their customers.


Improving Your Well-Being

Along with massage therapy, Michigan Massage and Wellness offers many other solutions designed to suit your wellness needs. These solutions include the following:


Location is Everything

While Michigan Massage and Wellness is located in Troy, Michigan that isn’t the only place their services are offered. They can come to you in the following ways:


Contact a Troy Massage Therapist

If you are in need of massage therapy in Troy Michigan or are interested in exploring other wellness solutions, Michigan Massage and Wellness can help you. Reach out to us and tell us what we can do to improve your health and together we will customize a solution. Call us at 248-795-5196 or Book Now.

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