How massage can help stress

Let’s face it, we can’t all go running to the shore for some meditation every time we get stressed out.  Unless of course you live in a coastline state and if that’s the case, I hate you.  But for those of us that don’t have immediate access to lake or oceanfront property, let’s talk about […]

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Stretch yourself before you wreck yourself

Question….how often do you work out?  1 day a week?  2?  5? Now another question….how often do you stretch? I’m guessing not nearly as much, am I right? So many times we put the emphasis on getting an intense workout in, and leaving it all on the floor.  From a grueling Crossfit WOD to setting […]

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We’re moving!

By the time this post publishes, who knows, I might be in my new home already!  However, I am so excited to announce that Royal Oak Massage will be in its new home soon inside of Motor City Float in Clawson!  It’s both terrifying and exciting, after all, Royal Oak Massage was ‘born’ back in […]

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Don’t wait until something hurts

Ah pain.  I’m sure you’ve been there before, you’re going for a max rep deadlift at your Crossfit class and you’re not properly warmed up and you go to pull and feel a twinge and suddenly you’re on the ground.  Or you’re diving for that save in front of the soccer goal but you misstep […]

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Your opinion counts (really!)

Ah reviews.  Sometimes we can be so quick to blast a restaurant, movie theater, gym or other business when we receive bad service.  Our food is cold, the sounds was way too loud, the equipment was broken or you just weren’t happy with something.  Look, I’ve done it too, and I believe that constructive criticism […]

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