Are you still in pain after your massage?

What do you do when the pain lingers after your bodywork session? Sure, you are a superstar and book your weekly/bi-weekly/monthly/quarterly appointments and you feel amazing after you leave, and continue to do so for a few days after, or maybe even longer, but then, things seem to revert back to how they were.  It […]

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That pain in the neck

Ever have a pain in the neck that ISN’T your job or significant other that won’t go away? When clients come in for a massage therapy session, the common pain areas treated are their neck and shoulders. Rarely have I seen balanced, pain free, and “normal” necks and shoulders enter my treatment room. The main […]

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Massage Doesn’t Work

I’m sure you’re asking yourself “why is the owner of a massage and wellness center saying that massage doesn’t work?” Let me clarify…. Massage doesn’t work if you don’t do the work. Let me ask you a few questions here, let’s say you have just general back pain.  We’re not going to get into specifics, […]

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