How Often Should I Get a Massage?

Whenever we have a new client visit us at Michigan Massage and Wellness one of the repeating questions we get is “how often should I get a massage?” That answer is typically “it depends”. What brought you in for a massage in the first place? An acute injury? Chronic pain? You have exhausted all of […]

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Stretch Yourself

…..before you wreck yourself Let me ask you something-do you stretch? I mean sure, you have your pre/post workout routine (but lets be honest, how many of you actually carve out time for that?), but do you go through the same old motion, stretching and stretching but things still hurt? Or do you try to […]

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Results (not) guaranteed

Do you remember back in the day when infomercials would grace the television promising results? “Get abs in 30 days or your money back!” or “Shred up to 10 pounds in your first 10 days, guaranteed!” I mean, back when I was first getting started doing massage therapy I took a course on how to […]

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