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Deep Tissue Massage Doesn’t Have To Hurt

Does deep tissue massage have to hurt? No, deep tissue massage does not have to hurt to be effective. There’s a common misconception that massage, especially Deep Tissue, must be painful to be effective. So...

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Frozen Shoulder Syndrome

All about frozen shoulder syndrome Frozen shoulder! Raise your hands if you’ve got it (or maybe not because it hurts so much, am I right?) Frozen shoulder, also called Adhesive Capsulitis, is a condition characterized...

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All about IASTM

All about IASTM “What the heck is an IASTM??” you may be asking yourself. IASTM is Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (yeah, it’s a mouthful!) and Michigan Massage and Wellness is excited to offer this...

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The process of pain relief

The process of pain relief Don’t you hate that saying? I know I do. I’ve been working my butt off with my diet, so why haven’t I lost the weight yet? But, pain relief is...

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Level Up Your Self Care Game

Do you even practice self-care? Sure, you get your regular massages, go to the gym, get your sweat on, but how do you recover? And no, I’m not saying that self-care is an active recovery...

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Prenatal Massage Benefits

Prenatal Massage Benefits Pregnant? Are you expecting a little bundle of joy? Is your BFF pregnant with her third child while you find yourself routinely pregnant with a food baby? (I mean, who hasn’t been...

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