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Stretch Yourself (or let us do it)

Do you even stretch? If there is one thing that proves to be true time and time again as I approach my 20th year of being a massage therapist, it’s that people don’t stretch! (But...

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Ashiatsu Massage

Ashiatsu Massage and why you need it Ashiatsu Massage. It kind of sounds like someone sneezing, doesn’t it? But, if you haven’t had it before, Ashiatsu (or Ashi for short) is nothing short of amazing....

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Pain Management with the Dolphin MPS

Pain Management with MPS Therapy Pain management is possible without causing more pain, thanks to Dolphin MPS. From c-section scars (or any other types of scars), TMJ disorder, anxiety, depression, stress, concussions and other brain injuries...

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How Often Should I Get a Massage?

How Often Should I Get a Massage? Whenever we have a new client visit us at Michigan Massage and Wellness, one of the repeating questions we get is, “how often do I need to come in?”  ...

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Therapy Balls….sorcery or magical cure?

Therapy Balls…the solution to your pain If you’ve ever been to Michigan Massage and Wellness for a bodywork session or a class, there’s a good chance that one of my other therapists or I have introduced you...

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Consistent Self Care is Key

I have a confession to make….I suck at self-care There, I said it. It’s ironic, considering I make my living taking care of people and also teaching them how to take care of themselves. It’s...

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