Don’t wait until something hurts

Ah pain.  I’m sure you’ve been there before, you’re going for a max rep deadlift at your Crossfit class and you’re not properly warmed up and you go to pull and feel a twinge and suddenly you’re on the ground.  Or you’re diving for that save in front of the soccer goal but you misstep […]

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Your opinion counts (really!)

Ah reviews.  Sometimes we can be so quick to blast a restaurant, movie theater, gym or other business when we receive bad service.  Our food is cold, the sounds was way too loud, the equipment was broken or you just weren’t happy with something.  Look, I’ve done it too, and I believe that constructive criticism […]

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Lokte Method, where have you been all my life?

Back in September I was excited to not only visit a new state (Colorado) but also get trained as a Level 1 Lokte Method practitioner.  Currently, yours truly is the only one in the Metro Detroit area that is offering this service and I couldn’t be more excited about it. What is Lokte Method, you […]

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‘Tis the season

Ah the holidays….for some it brings on warm fuzzies, the joy they get from spending time with loved ones, decorating their surroundings, and embracing all that the holiday season has to offer. For others, however, it is filled with chaos, stress, too many late nights hopping from party to party and too much time spent […]

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Get in the habit

We all have things that we do on a regular basis, we go to the gym, get our hair cut/colored/styled, get our nails done, standing happy hour dates, a yearly physical, regular dental checkups, etc…..but, why aren’t more people making regular massage therapy a habit?

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Welcome to our new blog home!

Looking for archives?  Click any of the links below to visit the old WordPress blog article! Fascia: feel it and free it The butterfly effect I tried it: a daily deal site massage I’m on a roll! Stay a while, why don’t you? Shifting gears here The benefits (and drawbacks) of foam rolling Stop, drop […]

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