Your Guide to Sunglasses After LASIK

After LASIK surgery, protecting your eyes is crucial. The procedure leaves a delicate corneal flap vulnerable to irritants. Sunglasses shield against dust, smoke, and rubbing, aiding healing and reducing discomfort. Choose quality UV-protective shades for safety and style, prioritizing fit for ultimate eye care.

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Taking Care of Your Eyes: a Quick Guide for Veterans

Injuries in the line of duty are to be expected. According to the Defense Centers for Public Health, up to 50% of military personnel suffer one or more injuries each year—and by the time soldiers graduate to be veterans, those injuries are likely to have accumulated. One such injury servicemen often face is ocular damage, which […]

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Why You Should Enlist Help From a Personal Trainer

WhyYou Should Enlist Help From a Personal Trainer In a feature published on Insider, personal trainer Ashley Joi expressed her strict belief that exercise should be personalized. People often think that exercise has a one-size-fits-all standard. However, Joi stated, “The beauty of exercise is that it varies depending on what you’re trying to accomplish. It’s really important […]

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Is Massage Covered Under Michigan No-Fault Insurance?

Is Massage Covered Under Michigan No-Fault Insurance? Recovering from a car accident injury can be a long and grueling process. Depending on the severity of an injury, it can sometimes take years to fully recover. In many instances, past injured drivers require regular forms of physical therapy and other methods of treatment like massage therapy […]

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Three tips for better sleep

Quality sleep is vital for physical and mental well-being. Establishing a bedtime routine, going to bed at the same time each night, and engaging in relaxing activities can improve sleep quality and overall health. Prioritize sleep for a productive and balanced life.

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