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Yoga/stretch classes and workshops are now available!

We’ve simplified our signup process! Visit our Eventbrite page to see all of our classes and workshops and reserve your spot.

Michigan Massage and Wellness is one of the only places in the state to offer Yoga Tune Up®. What is Yoga Tune Up®, you ask?

YTU focus on the 3 P’s:
Pain (reducing/eliminating it)
Posture (improving it)
Performance (enhancing it)

By focusing more on corrective exercise, mobility and functional movement (as well as restorative stretching) this is going to make you say goodbye to sun salutations, “heart openers” and more chatarungas than anyone should do in an hour and help you identify your ‘body blind spots’ and teach you how to fix your $hit.

Our “yoga” classes are more about playing and movement, not zen and meditative. So, if you do want the zen and meditative flow state that a traditional yoga class offers, please, save yourself a trip because that’s not what we do here. We do shoulder flossing, and megaplanks (hmm, that could be a future bad movie, megaplank vs. Sharknado?), hip hikers, and of course, LOTS of time on the Roll Model® therapy balls. No foam rollers, no lacrosse balls, but lots of abdominal massage with the Coregeous ball and trapezius tamer with the Plus therapy balls.

We offer several classes and workshops throughout the year, all of which can be found on our Eventbrite page. Looking to do a small, private group class? Send us an email to and let’s chat!