Comprehensive Bodywork

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What exactly is Comprehensive Bodywork anyway?

Here at Michigan Massage and Wellness we aren’t your run of the mill massage and bodywork practice. As I often say “you can go anywhere and get a subpar massage, but people come to us to get fixed”.

Today we are talking about our Comprehensive Bodywork session.

I’m sure you’re wondering “WTF is Comprehensive Bodywork? I just want a massage” and that’s fine for some people but for those of you that are struggling with chronic pain or movement issues, maybe a “massage” isn’t the best course of action right now.

In a comprehensive bodywork session I take several things into account:

  • If it’s an actual injury or just chronic pain
  • How long you have been suffering/struggling
  • Other treatment options you have tried and their success (or failure) rate
  • What kind of limitations said injury or pain is having on your daily life
  • How you are feeling as a whole

From there I work with you to develop a treatment plan including the type of massage or bodywork that I feel will be most beneficial, what type of home options you have (because there’s a 99.9% chance I will be giving you some homework to do between your sessions) and the type of frequency that is initially expected.

We might do cupping. We might do MPS Therapy. We might do Fascial Stretch Therapy. You might see me for 1-2 sessions and then I will have you see one of my other therapists for a few sessions.

A lot of times people will ask “how long is this going to take” and unfortunately it’s not a one size fits all approach because each injury and condition is different but I will always say this:

It is my goal to move you to a maintenance routine as quickly as possible.

Because lets face it. The problem didn’t happen overnight (except in rare cases) it’s not going to go away in one session. However I always do my best to get you as much relief as possible as quickly as possible.

So the next time you’re going to one of those chain places because it’s cheap and they can get you in at a moments notice but you aren’t actually getting better and you really want to be able to reach up to the fridge and grab that box of cereal or you want to be able to open a door without pain, perhaps book a comprehensive bodywork session instead.

In good hands,

Rebecca Tamm, LMT

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