Is Tipping Required?

There’s a saying that goes “tipping is an outward way of expressing inside gratitude” and while we certainly don’t ever expect a gratuity, it is always appreciated. Our therapists work hard and while we pay them a much fairer wage than a lot of places in the area, if you feel that the service you received was beneficial to you and you would like to give something a little extra, it does not go unnoticed. Do you tip your hair stylist for making your hair look amazing? Or your nail tech for the great mani/pedi they just did? Just because a massage doesn’t change your outward appearance, think of how good you feel for days after your session.

Now, for some services such as Manual Lymphatic Drainage and MPS Therapy, those are more on the medical/orthopedic side and treated as such so don’t feel that you need to tip for that, however should you feel inclined, your therapist will be grateful.