Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask. We've answered some of the most frequently asked questions about massage and bodywork.

  • How long does it take for CBD to work?

    Everyone’s body is different, so the effects can vary. Typically, you may start to feel the benefits within 30 minutes to an hour of taking CBD, but it can also take a few days of consistent use to fully experience its effects. Another reason why we have partnered with R&R: they offer a 30 day money back guarantee! Bought some gummies but you’re still ready to fly off the handle if your cat looks at you the wrong way one more time? Simply bring it back and we’ll get you a refund!

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  • What’s up with all the CBD stuff?

    7-Eleven sells some Kratom stuff, can I just buy that? It’s always on sale…

    CBD stands for cannabidiol, a compound found in the cannabis plant. The CBD products that R&R carries are derived from industrial hemp and contain less than 0.3% THC, making them legal in all 50 states. What makes it different than say, kratom, or any of the other stuff you can buy at any of your local convenience stores, is that R&R sends their products for rigorous third party testing, and it tests EVERYTHING. Haven’t you heard the saying you get what you pay for?

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  • Couldn’t I just go buy whatever I need at GNC?

    Of course you can, but have you ever walked down the supplement/vitamin aisle anywhere looking for say, Vitamin D, and you are presented with at least 14 different brands and doses? Thorne uses quality ingredients, they help you get things dialed in and really, how knowledgeable is that 19 year old working behing the counter at GNC for a summer job who wants to talk to you about Creatine when all you’re looking for is a way to help your body on its journey of perimenopause, night sweats, your midlife crisis and more?

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  • What’s so great about Thorne?

    Thorne is all about quality. They don’t mess around when it comes to using the best ingredients and rigorous testing to ensure top-notch supplements for their customers. They have clean products, superstar associates that can help with product recommendations, and a variety of tests for purchase right on their website that may give clues to some of those nagging things you’ve been dealing with for far too long.

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  • What kind of supplements do you carry?

    We are proud to partner with other small businesses to bring you the best products. Two of our favorites are R&R Medicinals and Thorne Products

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  • I saw this video on TikTok……

    Let me guess….it was a non-sculpting Brazilian Butt Life procedure. Or how cupping can give you abs. Or this cool (literally cool) sculpting video. Or the infrared mat….we could go on and on, but the TL/DR is: while it is possible to do some lifting with enough sucking of a cupping machine, eventually gravity is going to settle in because do you really have the time to do multiple treatments a week or whatever cost it is? And depending on the type of fat you have, freezing may not respond to it. Or you’ll end up spending enough to take your dream trip to Antarctica. Infrared does have benefits but it depends on so many things, and sure you’ll lose inches, blah blah blah. If you’re coming to Michigan Massage and Wellness for lymphatic services, we don’t call it a massage because it’s not. We’re not going to do some body shaping with wooden rods because that’s not what we do. We may use tools to break up fibrotic tissues or work seromas out, but we are more concerned with what’s happening UNDER the skin and the rest of your internal systems

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  • Do you offer body contouring?

    At this time we do not. Perhaps down the road we will get into more esthetic services, but we also don’t buy cheap stuff and a good body contouring machine is sure to cost about $20,000. But if you want to sponsor us, we’d be happy to take some trainings! 😛

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  • What will I feel like after?

    Most people walk out of the session saying things like “I feel lighter” or “I feel like I’m floating” or my personal favorite “dude. My jeans are looser, what in the world did you just do?!” Because we are speeding up the rate at which your lymph flows, well imagine like someone just turned the jets on inside your system and they turned it on a gentle pressure wash setting. Everything is going to flow a bit faster, and because you’re going to be a superstar and drink a bunch of water to flush out everything we just stirred up, you should feel light, loose, less swollen, more range of motion, relaxed and like you’re floating on a cloud just out there in the gentle waves. Seriously though, you’ll have a feeling of “I can’t believe you were barely touching me and I feel amazing now”.

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  • You’re barely touching me, is this even doing anything?

    You’re not alone with that feeling! Because the lymphatic system sits so close to the skin, when deep(er) work is performed, the lymphatic system is generally missed. And when it’s in it’s ‘natural’ state, your lymphatic fluid is thick and viscous, like honey in the middle of a cold winter night and all you want is a little squeeze for your tea but nothing is coming out. By doing the light, repetitive work that is required of MLD, that fluid starts to thin out and flow a little bit quicker and easier. If we start manipulating muscles, squeezing the tissue within an inch of its life or for crying out loud please stop watching the “lymphatic massage” videos online where they are doing body scrubbing or fascia blasting. We’re not into damaging the fascial network or seeing who can get the best bruises, and we were professionally trained and are Certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage therapists and we work the way we were trained. LIGHTLY.

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  • How often do I need to come in after surgery?

    It depends on what you had done. Typically, most post-op care recommendations are 1-2x/week within the first 1-3 weeks following surgery. After that sessions may be dropped down to 1x/week for another 1-3 weeks and a lot of patients like to stay on for maintenance sessions after, 1-2x/month for 1-3 months. However, we realize that such a frequency may not be possible, so we are happy to work with you to ensure you are able to get the maximum care and maximum results. If your surgeon is unfamiliar with the benefits of Manual Lymphatic Drainage following surgical procedures, we are happy to share any information as well as send notes with progress updates as well as anything we may notice, such as seromas or fibrotic tissue developing.

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  • Do you make house calls for post-operative care?

    House calls may be available for post-op patients who are unable to drive themselves for treatment or do not have reliable transportation. Arrangements must be made prior to scheduling, full prepayment is required, as well as 48 hours to cancel and there will be an additional fee to provide outcall services. Please reach out to the office to discuss your care needs.

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  • What do you do for scar tissue?

    Scar tissue is like that overzealous friend who, despite their best intentions, sometimes makes a mess of things. This super-helper is a key player in healing our wounds, but it doesn’t always know when to stop. So, it can end up causing issues like a limited range of motion, nerve compression, and even pain. And, just like that friend who’s a little too intense, it doesn’t confine its effects to one place. Scar tissue can affect your whole body, not just the initial injury site, and whether it’s old scars or new, SRT (scar release therapy) with the Dolphin Neurostim is a phenomenal treatment for scars and adhesions.

    SRT IS PUBLISHED IN SCIENCE to deliver between 73.2% – 82.02 pain relief after a single application. (IJCAM 2017, OGN 2018). This is twice (2x) the average pain relief of all other published pain therapies.

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  • Do you treat lymphedema and lipedema?

    Currently, Rebecca is Certified in Manual Lymphatic Drainage through the Academy of Lymphatic Studies where she learned the Vodder Method, considered the ‘gold standard’ in lymphatic drainage. She also has advanced MLD training for post-operative management of surgical procedures, including cosmetic/plastics, orthopedics and reconstructive. Rebecca is not able to provide Complete Decongestive Therapy at this time for patients who need a CLT (Certified Lymphedema Therapist), however, she does have some experience working with Stage 1 and early Stage 2 Lymphedema and Lipedema patients. She does not provide any bandaging or compression wrapping at this time, but we have partnered with Lympha Press are are happy to provide a complimentary session with the Lympha Press Optiflow Compression system. This pneumatic, sequential pump provides gradient sequential compression and we welcome our patients to use it as a pre-treatment for their MLD session with Rebecca.

    Rebecca does have plans to complete her studies to receive her Certified Lymphedema Therapist (CLT) in March 2025, but for everyone’s safety and to stay within her scope, Rebecca is unable to treat advanced stages at this time.

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  • Why is the wait to see Rebecca so long?….

    …I just had surgery and need lymphatic drainage twice a week for the next 6 weeks starting tomorrow!

    While Rebecca would love to help everyone, please understand that being in this business for 20 years like she has takes its toll. She’s also been running this business for 20 years. Her body is tired and a bit broken so unfortunately, she has to keep to a limited schedule. Plus, she needs to have time to train the next generation of little Rebecca’s. With that being said, emergency appointments (can be scheduled 24-48 hours in advanced if available) are available for an additional fee*. House calls may also be available

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  • What should I expect during a massage session?

    This is your time! If you have had a frustrating day and need to vent, we are happy to lend an ear. If you’re tired of talking and you just want to zone out for an hour of uninterrupted peace and quiet, let your therapist know. Your therapist will do an intake at the start to make sure all of your concerns are addressed and we will do our best to deliver.

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  • Do you teach yoga?

    Kind of. Rebecca is a Certified Yoga Tune Up teacher and Roll Model Method practiitoner. Yoga Tune Up is different from a traditional yoga class as YTU focuses on reducing pain, improving posture and enhancing performance. If you’re looking for a zen/meditative flow class that makes you lose count of all of the chaturangas you’ve done, there’s a good chance that we’re not for you. However, if you’re looking to identify your ‘body blind spots’, learn some easy to incorporate self-massage techniques with therapy balls, do some corrective exercise and just play for an hour or two, we’d love to work with you! Currently Rebecca is on a limited teaching schedule and classes and workshops are updated periodically, however if you’re interested in a private session or class for just you or a small group, we can design a class specifically for your needs! Simply reach out to see how we can help.

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  • Do you sell packages?

    We do. You may purchase packages in 4, 8 and 12 sessions and you can even share them with friends/family! You may purchase a package at checkout or right online.

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  • Do you sell gift certificates?

    We do! Simply head over to our Gift Certificate page to purchase. You can design it however you’d like, choose a service or dollar amount, print or email it and your purchase will be in your Vagaro account should you need to reprint or re-send anything.

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  • Do you take insurance?

    Unfortunately the state of Michigan doesn’t recognize independent practices like Michigan Massage and Wellness as ‘health care’ because we do not have a physician on site. We do, however, accept FSA and HSA cards and we are happy to provide you with a receipt to submit for reimbursement. For our auto clients, we are able to bill your auto insurance, but we will need information prior to scheduling so please reach out to our office for assistance. Please note that we do not take clients who are currently in litigation or there is litigation pending.

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  • How do I book an appointment?

    Easy! Simply click any of the “Book Now” buttons you see on the site and it will take you to our scheduling page. We use Vagaro as our scheduling software, so if you have an existing account all you’ll need is your email to log in. If you’re new, you’ll simply fill in the information requested and you’ll be able to book to your hearts content. Online booking is the fastest and easiest way to schedule, and we even have a waitlist feature so if you don’t see your preferred day/time, just pop yourself on to the waitlist and you’ll get a notification if anything becomes available!

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  • Do you take walk-ins?

    Sorry, but we do not. We do have online booking available as early as 4 hours prior so if you don’t see anything open on the schedule, chances are we are booked but it never hurts to give us a call!

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  • What is Manual Lymphatic Drainage?

    Imagine as if you’ve got all of these little garbage trucks running throughout your entire body. Then one or five break down and it creates a bottleneck where nothing can get through. Using the Vodder style of Manual Lymphatic Drainage, your therapist will work to open up your regional lymph nodes to clear up anything that is stuck or clogged, and through the magic of interstititial fluid, the rate at which your lymph flows starts to speed up and suddenly it’s like you’re driving on the Southfield Autobahn that is M39 and there’s not a cop in sight to slow you down. MLD is hugely beneficial not only for pre and post surgery, but for autoimmune conditions, chronic pain, swelling, fluid retention, cancer and more.

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  • What is Ashiatsu?

    Ashiatsu (pronounced AHH-SHE-AH-TSU)is a deep tissue massage for those who think the limit of deep tissue does not exist. By using the feet instead of the hands, your therapist is able to use gravity to work deeper into the muscles, but with enough flow to not realize that there’s a foot gliding up your back instead of a hand. Please be advised that currently Ashiatsu is available by request only as our Ashi superstar Nicole is only able to take a limited number of clients per week for this service.

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  • What is Fascial Stretching?

    Fascial Stretching is perfect for those who aren’t taking enough time to stretch on their own, or just know that someone else can do it better. By using slow, gentle movements and light traction, your therapist will work to break up those tight tissues in your hips, shoulders, neck and more. By getting into the joint capsule and freeing up space there, it’s kind of like when you clean out the cobwebs in the basement window in your laundry room, getting deep into those crevices where who knows what has been lurking. Experience greater range of motion, less pain and the satisfaction knowing that you aren’t as old and decrepit as you think you are.

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  • What is Cupping?

    Picture this: your muscles are feeling tight and cranky, and you need some serious TLC. That’s where cupping massage therapy swoops in to save the day. It’s like a deep tissue massage’s cool cousin, using special cups to create suction on your skin. This technique helps increase blood flow, relieve muscle tension, lift and separate the tissues to allow for more circulation, greater range of motion and you can make up a cool story about how you got the cupping marks, like fighting off an octopus or something.

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  • What is Lokte Method?

    Lokte (like a locked door) Method is a unique approach to pain, dysfunction and injuries that focuses on releasing tension and restoring balance in the body. It combines deep tissue work, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, and other techniques to address specific issues such as carpal tunnel, sciatica, plantar fasciitis and more. Unlike a traditional massage, this is performed with the client seated or laying on the floor while the therapist uses their feet to work through tacked down muscles, tight adhesions and more. Please wear comfortable clothes for your session as you will remain clothed for the duration.

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  • What is MPS Therapy?

    MPS Therapy uses microcurrent (electrical currents equivalent to 2hz) to regulate your autonomic nervous system. This helps reduce your sympathetic stress (that fight-or-flight just got chased by a bear or gave a big speech and are all amped up) and boost your parasympathetic activity (the chill rest and digest response) to treat chronic pain, stress, anxiety, depression, scar tissue, injuries and more. Seriously, if you have a condition there’s a very strong chance there’s a protocol for it. It treats acupuncture and trigger points to deliver a deeply relaxing, healing treatment that most patients report an up to 80% improvement in symptoms in as little as 3-5 sessions.

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  • How do I know which type of massage is right for me?

    Not sure which service is best for you? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back (literally!). If the service descriptions aren’t helping, please reach out to us and a member of our staff will be happy to recommend a service that fits your needs.

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  • What types of massages do you offer?

    We offer a variety of massage and bodywork services to cater to your specific needs. Our Fix Massage is more on the therapeutic side with targeted work for those aches and pains that plague you on a regular basis where The Restore is the perfect opportunity to take a break with a relaxing and restorative massage. We also offer Ashiatsu massage, cupping and prenatal massage. Our therapists all have their areas of expertise and specialties as well as different styles and pressure so if you’re not sure who/what to choose, read more here

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  • The Massage Didn’t Make My Pain Go Away, What Gives?

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  • I Really Hurt After My Massage, Did You Break Me?

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  • I’m a Man, What Happens if I Get Aroused During My Session?

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  • Do You Offer First Time Discounts?

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  • Is Tipping Required?

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  • I Didn’t Shave My Legs, Are You Going To Be Grossed Out?

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  • How often should I get a massage?

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  • Do I have to undress?

    That depends on the service you’re having. If you are uncomfortable about disrobing, we here at Michigan Massage and Wellness offer several services that you can remain fully clothed for, such as MPS Therapy (although we may need to move some clothing a little so we can have some skin contact, but we can even use the Dolphin Neurostim through denim). 

    Fascial Stretch Therapy requires you to be wearing loose, comfortable clothing. There’s also Lokte Method (and if you’ve been in the studio area of our office in the winter, you know that you need to dress warmly for that!). However if you would like a more traditional massage but have concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We have a compassionate, professional, respectful staff that will work with you to make your visit as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

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  • What if I need to cancel my appointment?

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