Get in the habit of regular massage

We all have things that we do on a regular basis, we go to the gym, get our hair cut/colored/styled, get our nails done, standing happy hour dates, a yearly physical, regular dental checkups, etc…..but, why aren’t more people making regular massage therapy a habit?

Often times we wait until something is really hurting, and then we call around frantically trying to find someone that can fit us in RIGHT NOW, and sometimes you end up having to wait for several days for someone to get you in.  Why are we doing that to ourselves?

I’m pretty lucky, I have a wonderful client base here at Michigan Massage and Wellness and I would say 80% of them are regular, repeat customers.  I see some weekly, some biweekly, every 3 weeks, or monthly.  Occasionally I might get someone that books an appointment for a 30-minute massage once a quarter, and while I am happy to help, I have to wonder how much that short session is doing (spoiler alert: it’s not doing much).  Check out this article on 25 reasons to get a massage.

If cost is an option, ask yourself what you can scale back on in order to move massage up on the list. Some of us put so much emphasis on looking good that we neglect feeling good, or it’s been so long since we did feel good and pain-free that we are used to it.  Let me tell you something: daily headaches ARE NOT NORMAL.  Having your shoulders up to your ears constantly?  NOT NORMAL.

I can’t promise that I can undo 10 years of bad posture, stress, fatigue, and tension in a single visit, but I can promise that if you do get into the habit of prioritizing regular massage therapy, your body will thank you.  So let me ask you this: how long has it been since your last massage and how often do you get a massage?  Drop your comment below, I’d love to hear from you!

In good hands,

Rebecca Tamm, LMT

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