Healthy Hips: A Yoga Tune Up® Workshop

How do your hips feel?

Do you spend a good portion of your day sitting? Only to stand up and start walking and feel pain shooting down your legs? Or are your hips so sticky that it feels like someone has actually glued them down? You may be smart and use a standing work station but you find yourself in a stationary position for far too long and you still have hip pain. Or you visit us regularly for Fascial Stretch Therapy sessions or massages but you want to take matters into your own hands.

Fear not, dear reader, a solution is here.

Healthy Hips is coming October 20

What does it even mean to have ‘healthy hips’ you might be asking.

For me, it means that when I’m standing over a massage table for hours a day my low back doesn’t hurt me and my feet don’t bother me.

“But what do my hips have to do with my low back or feet?” you might be asking. EVERYTHING! With so many muscles and tendons running through the lower body, everything is connected and we will be tackling all of it on October 20 for our Healthy Hips workshop.

Imagine if you were given the tools to tackle that back pain that plagues you. To learn some movements that don’t require you to bend like a pretzel in order to get relief. To have a better understanding of how your body works (and not need a medical degree to know how things work).

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Movement shouldn’t be hard. You shouldn’t be in pain on a daily basis. You shouldn’t be emptying out your pill bottle to get relief. You should be able to move freely and do the activities that you enjoy on a regular basis without worrying about how you’re going to feel later. Let us help.

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