How Massage Can Help You

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How Massage Can Help You

Many times, we will prioritize how we look over how we feel. We will get our nails and hair done regularly, and you feel great because you look great. But if you’re walking around in pain constantly, let’s talk about how massage can help you on more than just a surface level.  


Massage therapy has been clinically proven to not only reduce stress levels, but even help with aches and pains that we all experience at one time or another as well as conditions such as depression.  At Michigan Massage and Wellness we specialize in people. We offer a variety of services, but the main component is deep tissue massage (or what we call The Fix). The purpose of this work is to realign the deeper layers of fascial tissue and muscles, where a lot of underlying issues and problems can lead to chronic pain.  These adhesions, or “knots” as they are generally known, occurs when repeated stress (too much working out, not enough stretching out, too much time sitting at a desk hunched over a keyboard not enough time opening up your chest after work) start to form these tight, rigid bands of inflexible muscles.  When I was in massage school at Irene’s Myomassology Institute my friend and I would frequently compare the knots in our backs and necks to pasta noodles.  My neck might be like fettuccine but my back was more akin to stuffed shells 😉


However, at Michigan Massage and Wellness we offer more than just massage. But massage is a very broad term for bodywork. There’s manual lymphatic drainage, fascial stretching, Lokte Method, cupping therapy, trigger point therapy, scar therapy, concussion therapy and more.

If you’re not into traditional massage for whatever reason, maybe you’re uncomfortable taking your clothes off or a little uncomfortable with touch. No worries, we have services for you as well. Try Lokte Method, an incredibly effective treatment for pain and injuries. Perhaps with problems such as plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel or sciatica.


Massage doesn’t just make you feel good in the short term.  It can promote a more restful sleep (just ask my weekly client that typically falls asleep on the table 10 minutes into his session), increase relaxation, increase circulation, help to decrease cortisol levels (which can trigger stress), decrease blood pressure and more.  


Stop looking at massage as a luxury and something you only do for a special occasion or wait for someone to buy you a gift certificate. Start to take some time out for yourself, and prioritize yourself.  Your body will thank you.


In good hands,

Rebecca Tamm, LMT

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