Do your squats suck?

Introducing squat pattern analysis!   Let me fix that.

If you’ve read my recent blog post about my time in Colorado with Level 2 Lokte Method (you can find it right here), you already know how much I love this work and I’m even more excited to add something very specific to Michigan Massage and Wellness: squat pattern analysis! If your squats suck, I can help you.

Let’s chat for a moment about squats.  They are a basic movement but a very important one that we do every single day.  Do you sit down on a toilet? Congratulations, you’re doing a squat.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of problems that can come along with squatting, especially in a gym setting.  I don’t know how many times I’ve seen people (both men and women) sacrifice proper form for heavier weights on the barbell, especially during a Crossfit workout when they’re working against the clock.  Stop doing that!  However, sometimes it’s our bodies that aren’t cooperating because of a tight psoas, ankle instability, tight calves, quads, hips, poor shoulder rotation, and more.

Take a look at this client and his improvement after a quick Lokte Method session (this is NOT my client but one of another practitioner)

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What will happen in a session, you ask?  We will start out with you doing a set of bodyweight squats and I’m going to analyze every angle.  We will be checking to see how your heels are set, how your knees are tracking, how low you can go (or can’t go), if you’ve got the dreaded “butt wink” happening, and how your upper body is doing.  From there we will get to work treating your body with Lokte Method.  You may need a lot of IT band and hamstring work, you might need your psoas released or your lats might be the problem, but if you’ve had a Lokte Method session already you know how quickly you can see (and feel) the results.

Book your session today and lets get you squatting to your full potential!

In good hands,

Rebecca Tamm, LMT

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