Your opinion counts (really!)

Ah reviews.  Sometimes we can be so quick to blast a restaurant, movie theater, gym or other business when we receive bad service.  Our food is cold, the sounds was way too loud, the equipment was broken or you just weren’t happy with something.  Look, I’ve done it too, and I believe that constructive criticism is vital to a business and their development.  I mean, how can we know what to fix if something isn’t brought to our attention.

However, oftentimes a business isn’t given the opportunity to fix a problem as it’s happening because people will wait until they get home and let their fingers do the talking on social media.  Yelp, Google, Facebook, Twitter and more.  A review can sometimes make or break a business.  I received a Yelp review a couple of years ago from someone who was unhappy with their massage, yet when I inquired about things during the session (the pressure, heat of the table, etc) I got a “it’s great”.  It really upset me because 1) public opinion matters very much and can influence whether or not a new person visits a business, and 2) I wasn’t given the opportunity to remedy it in the moment.  I responded publicly and privately and apologized and did what I could to fix the situation after the fact, but how are we to know what’s wrong if you don’t tell us?

On the other hand, a positive review can lend a lot of weight to a business!  As much as I love hearing from my clients after their session (and repeatedly after every other session), it can be so helpful to have those clients leave a few words on the interwebs to help others make an informed decision when looking for a new massage therapist.

At Michigan Massage and Wellness, we pride ourselves on providing the best massage experience possible, and if you’ve been into the office for one visit or one hundred, I’d love to hear what keeps you coming back.

In good hands,

Rebecca Tamm, LMT

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