Have you tried Lokte Method yet?

What is Lokte Method?

If you’ve been a client of Michigan Massage and Wellness for any amount of time, you know that we are one of the few providers in Michigan that offer Lokte Method.  If you’re not familiar with it, Lokte Method is a connective tissue modality designed to bring relief from pain and movement dysfunction FAST.  Take a look at the photo above, this was a woman who came in recently for our Level 3 Lokte Method training and one of my fellow practitioners treated her.  This was in ONE session, about 30 minutes.  And these results are typical!

As I said, I was recently at the level 3 Lokte Method training (the final segment in our training) and it was amazing.  We were presented with 41 techniques to continue to build upon the foundation of levels 1 and 2.  Level 3 is all about detailed, intricate work.  Getting in between the muscles down to the nitty gritty of things.

How can Lokte Method help you?

Are you suffering from migraines, plantar fasciitis, sciatica, golfers/tennis elbow, tendinitis, shin splints or shoulder problems?  Lokte Method can help you!  Take a look at a few of my clients and their results, generally after 1-2 sessions.

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What is a Lokte Method session like?

Look, I’m not going to lie.  Lokte Method can hurt a bit.  I use my feet for it.  It’s a little intense at moments-especially as we get deep into the tissues and to the root of the problem.  But, it’s also short lived (for the most part).  You come in to the office comfortably dressed (think workout attire), we put you down on the mat and I get to work.  Taking you through some range of motion movements I step into the problem areas and work to break up those adhesions and scar tissue that have things tacked down that are causing impingements, limited range of motion and more.

I have clients that often experience relief immediately, and sometimes it’s a bit of a delayed reaction.  One of my clients was suffering with plantar fasciitis for a year, walking around with daily pain in her feet, and after one 30 minute session she was pain free for a month, and after her second session, there has been very little pain for the past 8 months.  Now, she has also been doing her own mobility exercises in her own time, because when you come in for a session, both Natalie and myself are big on homework no matter what type of bodywork you are receiving.

Are you ready to try a new way of approaching pain relief?  Book your session today (I highly encourage booking today because you may have to wait a few weeks for treatment 🙂

In good hands,

Rebecca Tamm, LMT