Lokte Method Level 2

Lokte Method Level 2 update!

Greetings everyone!  I know that I’ve been very absent from this blog lately, but it’s because I’ve been SO busy getting things up and running in my new location.  Michigan Massage and Wellness moved into its new home on May 1, 2017 and it’s been going great!  Hopefully the floors will be in by the end of the month and it will all be ready for my open house in July!

But first, I have got to tell you all about my weekend in Colorado getting certified as a Level 2 Lokte Method practitioner!

Let’s back up just a bit….I went out for my Level 1 Lokte Method training in September 2016 and was so impressed with the materials that were presented to us over the 2 days.  I left being able to do a full body treatment and the results and testimonials were quickly rolling in.  Months of plantar fasciitis relieved in a 30 minute session.  Increased range of motion from a 6 month shoulder impingement in just a few minutes.  Decreased pain in the knees when walking up steps.  The results were speaking for themselves and getting clients relief they hadn’t had in years, and usually in record time.  I had to learn more!

Lokte Method Level 2 takes things up not just one level, but several.  We spent the weekend tackling squat pattern analysis, learning how to effectively and quickly get to the root of the problem.  Do you have an excessive forward lean doing squats?  Let’s take a look at your hip flexors and psoas muscle.  Can you not keep your arms up?  Your latissimus dorsi and trapezius may be the cause.  Do your knees cave in (or out)?  How’s that ankle mobility doing?  I was completely blown away by the techniques that we were given, and I am already anxiously awaiting level 3 in November.

For now, let’s take a look at some of these great before and afters!

frozen shoulder, michigan massage and wellness, lokte method

This was Cari’s first appointment for frozen shoulder syndrome. You can see that she gained more range of motion when reaching behind her back.

psoas release, lokte method

Corin had some issues getting deeper into a squat. A quick psoas release in just a few minutes resulted in some BIG mobility!

I have truly found my passion with this work.  Be it a standalone 15 or 30 minute session or combining it with a regular massage or a fascial stretch therapy session, this is a game changer.  I am also thrilled to announce that athlete workshops are coming soon!  You can come to the studio at Michigan Massage and Wellness or I can come to your Crossfit box, local gym, yoga studio, etc., but in this 2 hour workshop you will learn several different techniques that you and your crew can incorporate immediately for pre and post workout recovery and maintenance.  I mean, if it’s good enough for the Chicago Bears, Chicago Cubs, Denver Broncos and more, it’s good enough for the everyday person too!

In good hands,

Rebecca Tamm, LMT

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