Massage & Bodywork

Massage & Bodywork

Don’t let this page overwhelm you! The biggest problem potential clients run into is “I don’t know what service to get”. So have a gander at the descriptions and here’s the Cliffsnotes version: If you want to just chill out for an hour and not think about moving a leg or an arm and don’t want to participate, book a Therapeutic Massage or Ashiatsu session. Like to know more about what’s going on or you love the idea of someone else stretching you for an hour? Book an FST session. Have chronic pain or an acute injury? Comprehensive Bodywork or Lokte Method is the way to go. Have scar tissue that is restricting other parts of your body or certain movements or just in pain from it? MPS Therapy is the answer. And if you’re *still* not sure, just give us a call at 248-795-5196 or shoot an email to info@michiganmassageandwellness.com and we’d be happy to select the best service.

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Therapeutic Massage (Book Now)

30 minutes / $45
60 minutes / $85
90 minutes / $110

Stressed out? Feeling the Hulk rage starting to simmer? Need a break from life but you can’t run away from your problems (and changing your identity is SUCH a pain)? Experience bliss and, as one client put it, “Like I’m laying on a cloud filled with puppies and pure joy”. It is altogether corrective, restorative, therapeutic and relaxing.

Fascial Stretch Therapy (Book Now!)

30 minutes / $50
60 minutes / $90
90 minutes / $120

Fascial Stretch Therapy (or FST) is heaven on the table. Working from the joint capsules to get a deeper stretch, FST can help to reduce or eliminate tight muscles, stiff joints, pain and improves flexibility, muscle activation and relaxation. This is the solution to those sticky, icky joints that cause you so many problems. Get “stretch drunk” today.Fascial Stretch Therapy, stretching, Michigan Massage and Wellness, massage therapy troy michigan

Fascial Stretch Therapy

Active Fascial Unwinding


Lokte Method (Book Now!)

30 minutes / $50
45 minutes / $70
60 minute Lokte/FST  / $90

THE solution to your pain problems! This pin and stretch technique is amazing for plantar fasciitis, back pain, carpal tunnel, sciatica, shin splints, migraines and more! For the ultimate in pain relief and mobility improvement consider combining a Lokte and Fascial Stretch Therapy session together. Please wear comfortable clothes (i.e., workout gear).

Cupping Therapy(Book Now!)

30 minutes / $45

Cupping therapy is also thought of as “negative pressure massage” as the suction of the cups provide soft tissue release up to 4 inches deep by loosening and lifting the fascia and muscles. Our approach is a combination of gliding and static cupping to enhance soft tissue mobility, move stagnant blood out of the area and works to promote healing, breaking up adhesions, scar tissue and not only physical but emotional baggage as well. *This session is cupping therapy ONLY*

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Comprehensive Bodywork (Book Now!)

60 minutes / $90

This is your ultimate treatment for targeted, focused pain relief and movement dysfunction. Please note, this service is intended for pain, injuries and chronic problems, and is not a therapeutic massage treatment but utilizes several modalities designed for your particular case.

Prenatal Massage(Book Now!)

60 minutes / $85

Are you or someone you know expecting? Prenatal massage is tremendously beneficial for both mom and baby through every step of pregnancy. Let the soothing strokes calm frazzled nerves, as well as many of those “wonderful” symptoms such as irritability, swelling, nausea, fatigue and sciatic pain. This is also a great introduction to massage for the new arrival! Are you or someone you know expecting? Prenatal massage is tremendously beneficial for both mom and baby through every step of pregnancy.

prenatal massage


Take care of yourself year round!

Package Prices (Please note that services cannot be combined, i.e., using 2 30-minute massages together. You can share the package with a friend/family member!)

30 minutes
Package of 3/$125
Package of 6/$240
Package of 12/$460
60 minutes
Package of 3/$240
Package of 6/$470
Package of 12/$900
90 minutes
Package of 3/$310
Package of 6/$600


While we try to be as flexible as possible and understand that emergencies do arise, please understand that your appointment time is reserved for you and when a last minute cancellation or no show occurs, this does affect us as well as other clients that are unable to get in for several weeks.  Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice WILL be billed accordingly.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated and you may view our full cancellation policy here.

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