Meet the Team

Since 2004 Michigan Massage and Wellness has strived to provide you with the best experience. With a variety of services ranging from relaxation and deep tissue massage to specialty services like Ashiatsu, fascial stretching, lymphatic drainage and more, you'll see why our clients keep coming back after 20 years.

Michigan Massage and Wellness may be small, but combined, we bring a wealth of knowledge and experience of close to 30 years. We offer a variety of treatments and modalities, from your traditional relaxation massage to a deep tissue massage so healing that you’re coming in monthly to stay out of the pain cave. We’re more than just massage though! Providing treatments such as Ashiatsu Massage, scar therapy, manual lymphatic drainage, prenatal massage, fascial stretching and more, all of our therapists are passionate about their work and they all have a different specialty so whether you want to chill out for a bit or are looking to develop a relationship with a practice who understands your concerns and needs, we’d love to have you visit.

  • Rebecca

    The brains behind Michigan Massage and Wellness, Rebecca’s specialties include Manual Lymphatic Drainage, scar therapy, concussions and more.

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  • Naomi

    If you feel like your stress level is 12/10 and you’re ready to run away from your life, once you land on Naomi’s table her expert relaxation skills will leave you refreshed, renewed and ready to take on life again.

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  • Photo of Karl, resident deep tissue massage expert at Michigan Massage and Wellness


    If you have a lifetime pass to the pain cave and want to cancel your membership, look no further than Karl, who thrives on pain relief, deep tissue work and manual lymphatic drainage.

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  • Photo of Nicole, our Ashiatsu massage therapist at Michigan Massage and Wellness


    Nicole is our Ashiatsu specialist and loves working with active populations for pain relief and injury prevention.

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