Corporate and On Site Wellness is now available!

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Michigan Massage and Wellness is excited to now offer on site and corporate wellness programs!  We all want a massage (and need regular massage) but unfortunately sometimes life doesn’t always work out to allow for it.  Time or scheduling gets in the way and suddenly you’re used to the headaches and chronic back pain that you are feeling on a regular basis.  According to the World Health Organization, the 4th leading cause of death world wide is a sedentary lifestyle.

We currently offer two on-site solutions to fit your needs.

  1. Have our team provide on-site massage therapy. Similar to a chair massage setup, but we bring massage tables to allow for a more comfortable client experience. People already spend too much time leaning forward, so why would they want to relax that way? Having a table allows our therapists to incorporate stretching as well as compression techniques all while the client remains fully clothed and able to get back to their day without needing to freshen up.

  2. Learn some easy to implement techniques that everyone can begin to incorporate on a daily basis and often in just a few minutes a day with our stretching and mobility class. Suitable for a group of people and often using equipment such as desks and chairs, your staff will be able to use what they learn at any point during their work day to alleviate some of the aches and pains that are the result of a sedentary lifestyle.

Each program will be tailored for you and your staff to target the most common problem areas.  Incorporating Yoga Tune Up®, Roll Model® therapy ball work and general mobility and relaxation techniques to get everyone moving better than they were before.  In a world where no one moves as much as they should, we all need a little bit of help moving better in our own bodies.  Let us help you navigate the waters of what to do and how to do it.

Please contact Rebecca Tamm at 248-795-5196 or email info@michiganmassageandwellness.com to discuss the needs of you and your staff.


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