Yoga, Stretching and Breathwork Classes

Yoga, stretching and breathwork classes are available both in person and virtually. From physical to emotional pain, we have a fix for it.

You can go anywhere for yoga classes, but Michigan Massage and Wellness is one of the only places in the state to offer Yoga Tune Up®. Keep reading to learn more about our yoga and breathwork classes.

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What is Yoga Tune Up®, you ask?

Yoga Tune Up® focus on the 3 P’s:
Pain (reducing/eliminating it)
Posture (improving it)
Performance (enhancing it)

By focusing more on corrective exercise, mobility and functional movement (as well as restorative stretching) are yoga classes are going to make you say goodbye to sun salutations, “heart openers” and more chatarungas than anyone should do in an hour and help you identify your ‘body blind spots’ and teach you how to fix your $hit.

The Roll Model® Method is a soft tissue condition format using various sizes of therapy balls that are grippy, pliable and flexible. They stay on the skin unlike a tennis ball and are much nicer to your tissues than a lacrosse ball. You’ll want to burn your other mobility tools after you spend an hour in one of our Roll & Relax classes targeting those trouble areas-tight shoulders, a stiff neck and feet that burn when you take a few steps out of bed first thing each morning.

Breathwork Classes (in person and virtual)

Have you tried Breathwork? It’s the new meditation. Or for some people, it’s a “meditation that I can actually do because I don’t have to sit still and be quiet”.

Focusing on the practice of a 3-part conscious circular breathing pattern, this work is designed to help the individual work through trauma, pain, grief, depression, anxiety, self-worth/self-esteem issues and help them gain clarity on the big question of “is this it for me or what’s next?”.

Both in person and virtual sessions are available, so whether you live 5 minutes away or 5 states away, you still have an opportunity to shift, change and grow.

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Please note that due to availability and schedules, yoga and breathwork classes may not be offered at all times of the year. We host a variety of workshops for a deeper dive into all things movement, and we also work with the local community to bring our offerings to them, such as the amazing folks at Gilda’s Club.

If you are interested in taking any of our yoga or breathwork classes and don’t see anything on the schedule coming up, reach out as we may be able to provide you with a private 1:1 class or do a small group class for you and friends!

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