Supporting Small Businesses From a Distance

Virtual ways you can support a small business

If you’ve turned on the news, or opened a website on the inter webs or even just looked outside you know how hard this covid-19 situation is for small businesses.  It’s rough! (And that’s putting it mildly).  And I know so many have asked me how they can help. So, with my friend Sara, we had an idea. You know whose business isn’t going bankrupt right now?  Amazon!  That’s right. And I happen to have an Amazon Affiliate account – which is how I make a whopping 1$ for every therapy ball you choose to purchase from my website.  (by the way, they are really great. You can also buy a set here) and then you can use them in one of our virtual classes here.

So, here’s the idea: if you want to support a small business, consider this:

Buy one of these products!

  • A meditation cushion. One of my longest visiting clients recently gifted me with one and I love it! Bonus, it makes a great little pillow for all of the jigsaw puzzling I’ve been doing.
  • Stretch Out Strap. This is the strap that I use for all of my stretching and mobility and it is amazingggg.
  • Gift Cards. Because nothing says love like letting people decide what they want to buy themselves.

    That’s right, you don’t even have to buy a therapy ball to support me.  You just have to buy what you normally would buy, through one of my affiliate links!  

    Because here’s the thing, I get a commission. That’s right, I get a whopping 3% on that 5$ item.
    But you know what else? I get a commission on anything else you put in your cart afterwards, too within a 24hr period.  What? Yes! 

    So the thinking is, if you’re buying through Amazon anyway (who isn’t), then all you have to do is START HERE.  Is it a way to show support almost effortlessly?  Yes. Will I get banned from the Affiliate program? there’s a risk but we’ve read and reread the terms and think it’s worth a shot because what’s the alternative?   

    What do you say? Consider it? A hack that just might help redistribute a teeny tiny piece of that Amazon pie to someone who might literally do a happy dance every time you place an order. Because I don’t have the Bezos Billions (and Amazon announced that they were reducing commission rates for affiliates beginning April 21, 2020 so I might earn as little as 1% now). And for the record: I don’t see what you buy. It’s still private.  And I don’t judge anyway.  I mean, I may or may not have 2 plastic storage containers in my kitchen cabinet that is literally just chocolate and other candy. I have apples in the fridge too, but come on, we all know those will likely just go to my dogs.

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