The future of Royal Oak Massage

Hello!  Anyone out there?  I know it’s been a minute (or a month) since I last updated this blog.  I was so excited about it, I started the year out planning posts out, and spent several hours in front of my computer working on posts to publish weekly, doing batch uploads so I could work […]

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All about sciatica

Do you ever have those moments where you literally have a pain in your back?  Or even worse?  In your butt?  And then you start to feel a tingling running down the back of your leg, and you might experience some numbness or tingling in your foot, and it sometimes travels up your back.  No, […]

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If it makes you happy

Let’s talk about happiness for a moment here, and let me ask you this: ARE YOU HAPPY? Confession: I have, at times, struggled with happiness.  I’m not one of those people who is always looking for the bright side, or a glass half full, or squash all of my negative feelings down and refuse to […]

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Things your massage therapist should know

Here at Royal Oak Massage I am extremely fortunate to have a wonderful group of clients that have trusted me for the past 12+ years with their health and well being.  I have grown to know not only my clients, but a lot of them their families, and so many of them feel like friends […]

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Stretch yourself before you wreck yourself

Question….how often do you work out?  1 day a week?  2?  5? Now another question….how often do you stretch? I’m guessing not nearly as much, am I right? So many times we put the emphasis on getting an intense workout in, and leaving it all on the floor.  From a grueling Crossfit WOD to setting […]

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