Meet Naomi: Massage Expert

Naomi’s journey at Michigan Massage and Wellness began as a student intern in 2019. After becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist in 2020, her passion for massage and dedication to client well-being shine through. She’s committed to bringing relief and relaxation to her clients in our fast-paced world.

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Massage and Pizza

Massage isn’t one-size-fits-all; it’s like choosing between Pizza Hut and a specialty pizzeria. Chains like Massage Envy are the Pizza Hut of massage—cheap and predictable. But for a personalized, effective massage that targets your needs, choose quality over quantity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Massage FAQ’s

Curious about massage? From clothes-off concerns to post-massage soreness, we’ve got the answers. Learn the ins and outs of massage sessions in this candid blog. No question is off-limits!

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The Cost of a Massage

Massage costs can vary, but it’s essential to consider the quality and results you seek. While introductory offers may seem enticing, investing in focused, effective sessions can offer lasting relief and value for your money.

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Therapeutic Massage

Our therapeutic massage isn’t your standard spa fare. We build relationships, tailor sessions to your needs, and blend deep tissue, therapeutic, and relaxation elements. Your customized session awaits.

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Massage and Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is more than occasional discomfort; it’s debilitating. It affects mood and daily life. Massage therapy offers tailored relief, resetting nerves and releasing feel-good hormones, complementing other treatments.

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