All Kinds of Awesome

“Rebecca was all kinds of awesome. I’m a powerlifter so I chronically have overworked, sore muscles. Her massage is great, along with her tips on mobility and stretching.”


6 Years Later

“I have been making appointments with Rebecca for the last 6 years. She takes time to get to know her clients and makes the experience dedicated to the needs of the client. Rebecca demonstrates knowledge of different techniques related to muscle, meditation and healthy choices.”


Relieved Back Pain

“A great local small business worth supporting. Visited recently because I received a gift certificate…got a fantastic massage that got rid of a lot of snow shoveling-induced back pain–really enjoyed it!”

Never Disappointed

“I am so thankful that Rebecca was able to see me on short notice – I called the same day with terrible shoulder pain and tightness, and she was kind enough to add me to the schedule the same day. The vicinity is incredibly clean, relaxing, and comfortable. It is very obvious that the massage therapists are highly trained and dedicated to their work. I would recommend that everyone go to Royal Oak Massage, whether they have a particular ailment or desire a soothing massage. I have been there for both reasons and am never disappointed! Also, online gift certificates make GREAT gifts.”


Lokte Treatment Results

Lokte Method Results

Carrie was suffering from a shoulder impingement for months, and after a 5 minute Lokte Method treatment on her shoulder she experienced an increase in range of motion that lasted nearly a month.

Increased Range of Motion with Lokte Method

range of motion

A quick Lokte Method session resulted in a big increase in range of motion

Hidden Gem

“Rebecca is fantastic. She readily adapts to any particular needs you may have to give a massage that is truly personal to your needs. She talks if you want to talk, doesn’t if you don’t. Music to your liking. Low key but fantastic. I’ve been going to Royal Oak Massage for several years now and will continue to do so. Hidden gem.” -E.R.

Get on a schedule

“I think that getting a massage regularly is similar to brushing your teeth regularly. Do it and nothing hurts when you visit the next time. 30 minutes every month is how I roll. Thanks Rebecca.” -D.S.

Lokte Method works!

“Rebecca is great at this! I feel so much release of my tension in areas she works on! I feel almost like I’ve just worked out afterwards because I think it releases endorphins unless it’s my imagination? It definitely worth trying for people who need relief from pain and stiffness. I’m a believer. This has really worked for me where other methods haven’t.” -J.C.

She’s as good as my favorite restaurant

My favorite restaurant in the area is Cantoros Italian Market.  After my first session with Rebecca I came home and said to my wife (who referred me to her as she has been a regular client for several months): “she’s as good as Cantoros” -J.H.

My back pain is gone

I have been seeing Rebecca since 2003, originally for a whiplash injury, but now I do it for my own self care.  I recently came in for my first Fascial Stretch Therapy session and even 4 weeks later (and 2 additional sessions) my back pain is gone.  I have always needed a pillow to put under my hips during my session, but after the first FST session I was able to feel an immediate increase in my range of motion and the pain was gone.  When Rebecca stretches me now there is no pain anywhere.  This was pain that stayed after my youngest son was born 7 years ago.  -E.S.

Foot pain is gone

I have had pain in my feet since the beginning of January.  I had to stop running and tried stretches and rolling with the lacrosse ball.  Rebecca did a 10 minute Lokte Method treatment on my calves and feet and it is so much better.  This is definitely the first relief that I’ve gotten.  -K.W. 2/17/17

Pain has vanished

I went in barely able to move my head to the left. Came out feeling wonderful with full range of motion. Sore today but well worth it since the pain and stiffness have vanished. -K.F.

Hurts So Good

The Reboot Your Glutes class was great! I learned exercises and stretches to help my glutes work more effectively. Using the yoga tune up balls hurt so good. I didn’t realize how tight and inflexible my muscles were. Now, I’m looking forward to using the new techniques to before a more efficient athlete! Thanks, Rebecca!! -Anonymous

Loved this workshop!

Loved, loved this workshop!! ? Have been unsuccessful with therapy sessions and yet, after 2 hours of rebooting and releasing those areas, able to get back to my fitness routine the next day. Thank you, Rebecca!!! Would highly recommend this workshop. Well worth it! Very thorough, professional and fun!  -K.V.