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We are currently redesigning The New Office Movement website, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go ahead and escape the clutches of your desk and learn how to move better in your day by bringing the mobility class to you!

Lunch and Learn

Skip the high caloric lunches that will put everyone in a food coma and have us go over simple movement techniques that can be done using the equipment that you are at all day (desk, chair, computer, etc).

Express Mobility Classes

Does your staff only have 30 minutes?  Perfect!  This is a great intro to our full length class but in half the time.  Great for shift workers or a smaller staff that don’t have the full hour.

The Gold Standard

Experience what a one hour mobility class once a week can do for you and your staff.  We bring everything to you!

Why Choose On Site Wellness?

Health care costs are higher than ever and most of them are preventable diseases and illnesses.  People are working longer hours than ever and as a result, their bodies are overworked, over stressed and not moving enough.  Escape from the chains of those late hours, marathon meetings and mandatory overtime with simple movement classes designed to YOUR industry as we bring the class to you!

At The New Office Movement we are all about getting you and your staff feeling their best and moving their best when it’s impossible to get to Michigan Massage and Wellness for a regular massage therapy session.

Ready to Learn More?

To discuss your company and staff needs, please contact us for a complimentary consultation.

email: info@michiganmassageandwellness.com

Phone: 248-795-5196


330 E. Maple Rd., Suite H Troy, MI 48083

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