What I’ve been up to

Where in the world have I been lately??  And what’s new at Michigan Massage and Wellness?

More like where HAVEN’T I been?!

I have to apologize to my readers as I had to kind of abandon this blog for a little bit, life got in the way, I got busy, burned out and quite frankly, ran out of good content to share!  There are soooo many bloggers out there, so I’ve resorted to sharing material over on my Facebook page.

But, we are long overdue for an update because there is a lot of stuff happening over at Michigan Massage and Wellness these days!

First, I did my Yoga Tune Up teacher training in Washington last month and It. Was. Amazing.  I can’t even put into words everything that the week was.  My brain was absolutely fried by the middle of the week but I learned so much about how the human body works and we really have a fascinating tool.  I not only became much more aware of how my own body moves (like the fact that my external hip rotation is awful), but it was also pointed out to me that I’ve got some fixing to do (such as a little bit of knee valgus happening).

After I returned home I raced to finish my homework and do my test so I could get certified as quickly as possible so I can start teaching classes to all of you.  This is going to be like nothing you’ve done before (partially because I will be the second YTU teacher in the state of Michigan), and it’s not your regular yoga class!  Say goodbye to sun salutations and hello to mega planks, body surfing, half happy baby and more.

I’m teaching now!

I just taught my first Lokte Method Athlete Workshop yesterday and it was so fun!  I’ve always been terrified of public speaking and never had any desire to be in front of a crowd or the center of attention but my friend Amanda had me out at her gym, Crossfit Ferocity to teach her and her members some effective self care techniques.  Take a look at Mike’s results!

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Want to take it for yourself?  I’m hosting one at Michigan Massage and Wellness on August 20 from 10am-12pm.  $50 teaches you some amazing techniques to get relief in those calves from box jumps, double unders and running.  We’ll lengthen your quads from all of those squats and get you upper body relief from that time you spend at your desk.  Sign up right HERE and when you register and pay by July 30 you’ll receive a FREE 15 minute Lokte Method session for yourself!

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In addition to the workshop, I’m also going to start teaching weekly classes in August!  We will kick it off with Free Class Fridays beginning on August 11, and the tentative schedule will be Mondays at 10am and Wednesdays at 6:30pm.  LifeStretch and The Roll Model Method will be currently offered and more are on the way!  LifeStretch is a mobility and flexibility based class designed to get you space in your joints, longer in your limbs and free from pain.  Roll and Relax will incorporate the Yoga Tune Up therapy balls as we explore those nagging aches and pains and learn how to manage them through self massage.  Jaw pain?  Plantar Fasciitis?  Tight hips?  This class is for you!  All fitness levels are welcome and modifications for any movement will be available.

Workshops galore!

Yes, more workshops!  In addition to teaching the Lokte Method Athlete Workshop we also have a Better Backs and Healthy Posture class with Natalie on August 13!  Our modern lifestyle of cell phones, laptops and tablets are making life easier but making our bodies work harder.  Learn ways to counteract bad habits and alleviate and prevent chronic neck and back pain while strengthening your body and improving your posture!  Give us a call at 248-795-5196 to reserve your space!

I will also be adding on hip and shoulder workshops in September.  These 2 hour workshops will teach you self care techniques using your own body as well as the Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls to improve your shoulder stability, increase hip range of motion and give your whole body a tune up!

On a personal note…

I’m finally enjoying the summer!  I’ve been getting out on my paddle board as often as I can (which still isn’t as often as I like), I’ve been doing therapy dog work with Cooper, and planning some really great vacations for 2018!  The first half of 2017 was so chaotic, between moving my business not once but twice, as well as expanding the staff and offerings, doing loads of travel for continuing education and just day to day operations but I finally feel like things are settling down and I am so, so happy about my new location.  The feedback has been incredibly positive (minus a few fake reviews on Yelp and Google….seriously people, get a hobby), and after almost 13 years, I finally feel like I have a home for my business.

The year is already half over but 2017 is going to be amazing for all of us at Michigan Massage and Wellness as well as all of you that continue to visit us week after week, year after year.

In good hands,

Rebecca Tamm, LMT



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