I Really Hurt After My Massage, Did You Break Me?

I hope not! But, that’s what we have liability insurance for! In all seriousness, it’s normal to be a little sore for 1-2 days after receiving a bodywork session. Especially if it’s for a nagging injury that’s been ruining your life for months and you *finally* decided to do something about it. As one client years ago said about her first session: “I was so sore the next day, and a little bit the day after, but by the third day, it was as if the heavens opened up and the angels came down singing and I could turn my head again without pain”. That’s what is to be expected! However, and I’m especially talking to you men out there, THERE IS NO NEED TO BE A HERO DURING YOUR MASSAGE. We are trained to look for cues when clients don’t like to tell us that there’s too much pressure. We look for someone holding their breath, or tightening up, or flailing around the table. But, if it hurts, and you’re not breathing, please tell us! The worst feedback you can give is no feedback. Because it doesn’t give us an opportunity to correct it then and there, and then you take to social media to complain and we have no recourse because you didn’t talk to us about it when you had the chance.