The Massage Didn’t Make My Pain Go Away, What Gives?

Let me ask you a couple of questions….

  • Do you expect one or two healthy, balanced meals once or twice a month to help you maintain your weight loss efforts?
  • Did you do one workout and you’re ready to participate in a triathalon?
  • Are you doing anything in your free time to help those nagging headaches you get 4-5x/week?

Here’s the thing: massage isn’t a one visit fixes all cure. Those headaches that you deal with on a weekly basis aren’t going to suddenly disappear after one 30 minute quick fix session. Or coming in once per quarter for 30 minutes as a ‘treat’ to yourself for the chronic back pain you’re having from sitting at your desk too much. It’s about taking time and making the investment in YOU.

You’ll spend time and money on your hair, nails and skin to look good and get those compliments, but how are you feeling on the inside? Sure your hair is on point but does it hurt every time you push yourself up out of bed? Or you just splurged on that new laser treatment on your face to get rid of those fine lines, but every time you get up from a seated position you get an electric shock running down your leg because your sciatica is flaring up from that injury you sustained 20 years ago that still acts up from time to time.

Just remember, you only get one body so treat it right. You can replace a lot of parts on it, but at the end of the day (and your life), you want that body to be able to carry you through until the end. Take care of it so it can take care of you.