Mobility classes and workshops are here!

Mobility classes and workshops are here!

Back when I was still at my little office in Royal Oak I had this idea of one day opening a wellness center and offering classes and workshops (never mind the fact that I wasn’t qualified/certified to teach anything).  I’ve always joked that I’m a trendsetter ahead of my time; I was doing Crossfit before most people in Michigan knew what Crossfit was.  I was eating a paleo diet when everyone would ask “oh, it’s like Atkins?” No.  No it’s not.  Now I’m looking at getting a jump start on mobility classes, and I am so excited to share them with all of you!

What is mobility to you?  Is it getting deeper in your overhead squat at Crossfit?  Recovering from the half marathon that you did last weekend quicker than you did your last one?  Improving your golf swing?  Not limping when you get out of bed in the morning because your plantar fasciitis is flaring up?  Moving better in your day to day life?

Mobility. Mobility. Mobility!

To me, it’s all of those things, and that is why I decided on getting certified as a Yoga Tune Up® teacher.

Yoga Tune Up® is unlike any yoga class you’ve taken before.  Say goodbye to your yin, sun salutations, ashtanga and more and hello to improved proprioception, targeting your body blind spots, resetting your own body mechanics and becoming much more aware of how YOU move. Yoga Tune Up® is a blend of yoga and corrective exercise principles combined with various stretching modalities designed to highlight joint mobility and stability. The results are immediate relief from chronic tension, increased power through a greater range of movement, increased strength and healthy, supple joints.  Take a look at this short demo of what a class may include:

What I love about Yoga Tune Up® is how I feel after.  I KNOW that I need to take a yoga class, but honestly, I don’t love it.  I don’t like doing repetitive downward dogs, warrior poses and planks.  After doing my Yoga Tune Up® teacher training in just one week I experienced relief from a nagging rotator cuff injury that I had been dealing with for over a year.  2 months after my training, even though I’m not doing YTU every day like I did that week, my shoulder is still about 85% better than it was before I did the training.  I felt my glute muscles fire for the first time in what felt like forever and now I am much better at my squat position.  What YOU will love about Yoga Tune Up® is that you will become much more aware of how YOU move, and how making these small little tweaks (such as turning on your serratus anterior muscles in a plank pose keeps your entire midline much more stable) and you’ll learn techniques that you can do in as little as 1-2 minutes when you need a mid-day mobility break.


Confession: I got certified as a LifeStretch instructor October of 2016 and originally it was more for my own self care and recovery, but I then proceeded to do absolutely nothing with it.  NOTHING.  I don’t know why, I just wasn’t making the time for it, which is so silly because I am constantly preaching to all of my clients about how good you’ll feel after it.  I was showing them moves to do but wasn’t doing them on my own.  Until I taught a class at Athleta at the Somerset Collection in Troy and everyone loved it!  They came in expecting a yoga class, they had these concerned looks on their faces when I told them we weren’t doing yoga, but after they had a look of pure bliss because they felt so great (and so did I!).  LifeStretch comes from the same people who created Fascial Stretch Therapy (and if you’ve had an FST session from me you know how good it feels).  Take a look at a segment from the Core 4 on the Floor series:

The Roll Model® Method

I signed up to become a Roll Model® Method instructor before I did my YTU teacher training and I honestly thought I would be happy with just that.  I am so glad that I decided to add on the YTU training because I honestly got so much more out of daily therapy ball work, even though I have been using my Yoga Tune Up® therapy balls regularly for the past 18 months or so.  The Roll Model® Method combines self massage with myofascial release, trigger point therapy and down regulation into one fantastic mobility session.  Free yourself from pain, improve posture and increase performance with this work that will make you want to burn your lacrosse balls, tennis balls and foam rollers 🙂

In addition to weekly mobility classes we will be offering workshops that will be targeted at specific areas, such as the shoulders and hips, as well as strategies for self-care (which will be great if you are traveling or just unable to attend regular classes) and Lokte Method athlete workshops.

Weekly mobility classes will be on Thursdays from 6:30pm-7:30pm, and monthly workshops will be available.  Visit our classes page to keep up to date on what’s happening, and make sure to check us out on Facebook as well for up to date changes, mobility tips and more.  I am so looking forward to seeing where this next venture takes me as I bring something unique and new to the Troy, Michigan area!

In good hands,

Rebecca Tamm, LMT

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