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Stretch Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

As much as you’d love to be able to teleport to us the moment pain strikes, unfortunately we don’t know where the wormhole is. In the meantime, our online program, Stretch Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself, was designed for desk dwellers who are looking to incorporate some movement and mobility into their days in a matter of minutes.

If you’re tired of sorting through 10,738,719 results on YouTube only to have to sit through several ads and several minutes of talking before getting to the actual stretch (which may suck), all you need to do with our online program is log in, press play and choose your area of focus. Most videos are 5-7 minutes in length so we’ve eliminated the problem of “I don’t have time”. They also include minimal to no equipment, and can be done virtually anywhere.

So kick your excuses to the curb and learn how to take care of yourself in between sessions with us.