Meet Naomi-Relaxation Queen Supreme

Naomi was our first student intern to join us from Carnegie Institute where she was completing her 1000 hour massage therapy program in 2019 and has been with Michigan Massage and Wellness ever since.

Naomi’s work is more geared toward relaxation and pain relief and over the years she has maintained a very loyal client base and once you get on her table and experience her calm, soothing demeanor, you’ll understand why. She isn’t going to hammer down on muscles, but instead the soothing strokes and gentle stretching techniques are perfect for anyone who just needs to disconnect from life for a bit, but she’s not afraid to bust out an elbow to get a little deeper into those shoulders that are glued to your ears because you’ve been spending way too much time sitting at your desk staring at your screen.

In her spare time Naomi can be found spending time with her husband and their families and friends, or burying her head in a book or planning her next vacation.

Naomi’s specialties include:

  • Relaxation massage
  • The Escape
  • Fascial stretching
  • Therapeutic work for every day aches and pains

Naomi’s pressure/intensity is considered 3/5 (CAROLINE-can we insert an image here? Like strong or intense? Like the chili pepper idea that my friend had for hers.)