Meet Rebecca-Owner/Body Ninja

Rebecca Tamm is the mastermind behind Michigan Massage and Wellness.

Okay, mastermind would be a stretch.

In a nutshell, her story goes like this:

  • Decided that high school wasn’t for her so she ‘left early’ and got her GED
  • Had a ‘choose your own future’ at Oakland Community College for a couple of years but never fully committed to anything long term (but dipped her toes in the water of things like photography, medical transcription, court reporting, business and more)
  • Worked in different industries in that cubicle life, figuring this was her future
  • Saw a brochure for a local massage school and even though she never had given (or gotten) a massage before, took a tour of the school and put in her notice at work the next day, cashed in her 401k to pay for school, took a year off of working for the man and never looked back.

In 2004 Rebecca ‘accidentally’ started her own massage practice. Having no business experience aside from observing her father, Patrick (who left this realm in 2021 due to Parkinsons Disease) having a business for as long as she could remember, she managed to build her practice from a one-woman solo operation in a single room in a shared space to having a facility in Troy, a small but dedicated staff and many of her clients that started out with her back in 2004 are still with Michigan Massage and Wellness today.

Rebecca’s work has transitioned a LOT over the years, and in 2023, after avoiding it and having absolutely zero interest in it for her entire 20 year career, she became a Certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage therapist and shifted her work once again to focus on that. Her specialties and areas of focus include:

  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage (both for general wellness and surgical recovery)
  • Concussion Therapy (and any other neurological disorders/conditions)
  • TMJ Dysfunction
  • Scar Therapy

In her spare time, you can usually find Rebecca in her kitchen baking sourdough bread, or some ridiculous desserts or experimenting with different styles of cuisine. Or at the dog park with her dogs. Or on the pickleball court most likely losing but still having a great time, entertaining friends and family, and ALWAYS looking for her next travel destination.