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  • Stretch Yourself (or let us do it)

    Stretch Yourself (or let us do it)

    Two decades in massage therapy reveal an undeniable truth: people avoid stretching. Even therapists struggle with self-care. Clients often skip prescribed stretches, stalling their own progress. Let’s admit, stretching can be a literal pain, but it’s a vital path to pain relief.

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  • RICE vs MEAT

    RICE vs MEAT

    The debate between RICE and MEAT for injury recovery isn’t about diet but methods. RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) was traditional, but MEAT (Movement, Exercise, Analgesia, Treatment) offers a science-based, long-term approach. Each has its place depending on the injury’s nature and stage. Combining elements of both methods may be the best approach.

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  • Yoga vs Yoga Tune Up®

    Yoga vs Yoga Tune Up®

    Yoga isn’t for everyone, including me. It can be dull and challenging to stay engaged during classes. However, I discovered Yoga Tune Up®, a therapy that combines yoga, corrective exercise, and therapy with tools like therapy balls. This approach helps alleviate pain, improve posture, and enhance performance, making it a suitable alternative for those who…

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  • Neck Pain

    Neck Pain

    Persistent neck pain that won’t vanish? Blame work and lifestyle habits. Forward Head Posture (FHP) is often the culprit, impacting people of all ages. It adds stress to neck, shoulder, and back muscles, potentially leading to severe damage and various health issues. Combat it with self-care, breaks at work, and massage therapy.

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  • The Yoga Tune Up® Difference

    The Yoga Tune Up® Difference

    Yoga Tune Up® at Michigan Massage & Wellness is a distinct approach to yoga, combining it with corrective exercises and stretches. This personalized experience helps identify and address body blind spots, improving movement and self-awareness through self-massage techniques and myofascial release. Join us for a unique yoga journey.

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  • Post workout massage

    Post workout massage

    Post-workout massage isn’t just a luxury; it enhances recovery. Studies show it boosts strength, improves proprioception, reduces inflammation, and promotes cellular repair, helping athletes return to action faster.

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