MPS Therapy, scar therapy

MPS Therapy

MPS Therapy treats pain by reducing stress, relaxing muscles and releasing endorphins by treating acupuncture and trigger points (without needles). Complete or substantial relief (60-85%) from pain often occurs within 1-5 applications.

30 minutes is ideal for headaches/migraines, ankle sprains, back pain and general stress, depression, anxiety and small scars (less than 7 inches).

60 minutes is designed for complicated problems (frozen shoulder, scoliosis, recovery from surgery, severe depression, anxiety, trauma, etc.) as well as larger scars (over 7 inches), reconstructive surgery and mastectomy scars.

90 minutes is for patients who have had extensive surgeries such as open heart, double mastectomy with tissue flap transfer, gender reassignment, etc.

If you are unsure of how much time your scars will need, please contact our office prior to scheduling or if you’re not sure about it yet, book our 15 minute stress/anxiety treatment and see for yourself how quickly your stress level can go from 10 to 2!