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Concussion Recovery Therapy

MPS Therapy is the ideal treatment for concussions (both recent and not so recent), TBIs, stroke recovery, neurological issues, pain and more. MPS Therapy treats pain by reducing stress in the body, relaxing muscles and releasing endorphins by treating acupuncture and trigger points in the body. This concussion protocol was developed to treat head trauma and allow the body to reduce cortisol (stress), relieve symptoms and pain and has also been shown to help other neurological disorders, sensory issues and more and we are pleased to offer a proven solution to concussions with MPS Therapy at Michigan Massage and Wellness.

By treating the cranial sutures on the skull and specific acupuncture points on the body, Concussion Therapy using MPS has been shown to reduce the symptoms of concussions such as headaches, pain, hand tremors, and even mood.

In a study that the Concussion Recovery Center performed, the results were astounding after a single session:

  • Cortisol (stress hormone) was reduced by 47%
  • Cognitive functioning improved by 47%
  • Brain fog was reduced by 41%
  • Headaches were reduced by 33%
  • Ringing in ears was reduced by 47%
  • The King Devick Test (considered a gold standard in evaluating for concussions) reaction time reduced 6% (which means they could answer the questions quicker).

Whether you were knocked out with a softball that was lobbed at you last week, or you played football in high school and have nagging, chronic aches and pains, or you’ve been in a car accident, and that neck pain is not getting any better, consider seeking concussion therapy treatment.