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Massage & Bodywork

Therapeutic Massage, Ashiatsu and Prenatal massage, Fascial Stretch Therapy, Lokte Method, MPS Therapy, Prenatal Massage and more

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Yoga and Stretching Classes

Michigan Massage and Wellness is one of the few places in the state to offer Yoga Tune Up®. The primary focus is corrective exercise, mobility, and functional movement. We want you to feel (and move) your best every day.

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Insurance Cases

If you've suffered an injury in an auto accident, your doctor may prescribe massage therapy. At Michigan Massage and Wellness we offer medical massage and may be able to bill your auto insurance with no out of pocket cost to you

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You only get one body - treat it right

Michigan Massage and Wellness in Troy Michigan provides massage therapy for what ails you.

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Neglecting the pain in your body is costing you

  • You can’t sleep
  • You can’t enjoy your hobbies
  • You can’t exercise
  • You don’t want to get surgery

We understand how frustrating it is to be in pain

Getting regular massage and bodywork will help you to:

Alleviate chronic pain

Sleep through the night

Enjoy your life

Here's how to do it

Step 1

Schedule an appointment.

Step 2

Create a treatment plan.

Step 3

Experience relief from pain.

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“Rebecca knows her craft! She maintains the highest level of professionalism, while making it an enjoyable experience. She explains her methods in such a way that helps anyone understand the process. Thank you for the session!”

– Mario P.

Many people go through daily life with aches and pains which, left untreated, can cause migraines, back pain and even depression. That is why at Michigan Massage and Wellness we specialize in pain relief. When you receive regular massage and bodywork, your body will move better, feel better and you can enjoy life again. 

Meet the Team

Rebecca Tamm

owner/body ninja

"I feel so much better today! Sometimes a good stretch is better than a massage! I needed that. Thanks Rebecca!!" - Kelly F

Naomi Ursan

Licensed Massage Therapist

"Naomi has magical hands! She listened to my concerns and gave a heck of a massage." - Jen L.

troy michigan massage therapy

Jamie Lederman

Licensed Massage Therapist

"Jamie provided me with the best massage ever and was able to release all the tension and stress in my neck! Looking forward to my next appointment!" -Denise M.

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What Some of Our Clients Have to Say


This was my first time with Brenda. She listened and focused on the areas where I needed attention. She would check in occasionally and make sure the pressure was just right. As a result, the massage was heavenly AND effective. I am feeling great today! I'll be back!

Karen K.

"Rebecca has changed my life for the better. One year of being stretched weekly is better than 7 years of being stretched by someone else.

I feel more in control of my pain and know what to do in between visits to maximize my results. Training, education and experience are worth every last penny!”

Shirley S.


Brenda and her combination of Lokte Method, Ashiatsu and Therapeutic Massage worked knots out of my shoulders that I have been hanging onto since 2004 and genuinely left me feeling like I was floating on a cloud filled with puppies and pure joy!

Julie K.


I am not a fan of stretching-it usually hurts and I probably do it wrong half the time, learning how to use the therapy balls effectively. While it still hurts a little, the results were immediate. Started to apply the same moves in the office during breaks and my body feels so much better.

Jen S.

Michigan Massage and Wellness

The official Michigan Massage and Wellness mascots: Elliot and Cooper. Elliot (the black and brown lab/hound mix) is currently living her best ‘retired’ life sleeping on the couch and laying in the sun while her ‘brother’ Cooper (lab/hound/staffy/mutt) loves coming to work and putting his Go Team Therapy Dog skills to use by being a calming presence in the treatment room and getting all the pets he can.

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