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Welcome to Michigan Massage and Wellness, the premier destination for therapeutic massage and holistic wellness in Troy, Michigan. Our team is dedicated to offering a diverse range of services, including manual lymphatic drainage, ashiatsu massage, cupping therapy, scar therapy, and more.

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Discover the Healing Power of Expert Massage and Bodywork Services

We help people get out of the pain cave and teach them how to live (and move) better with a variety of massage and bodywork modalities and help them identify their ‘body blind spots’ and better manage their stress.

  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage, lymphatic massage, troy michigan lymphatic massage and Manual Lymphatic Drainage, lymphatic massage, troy michigan lymphatic massage

    Clinical Massage Treatments

    Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a gentle technique that stimulates lymphatic flow, aiding in detoxification and reducing swelling. It supports immune function, eases post-surgery recovery, and enhances overall well-being.

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  • sciatica, sciatic nerve pain and sciatica, sciatic nerve pain

    Recovery & Strength Massages

    If you're tired of having to adjust your lifestyle to accommodate your pain and injuries, we can help get you out of the pain cave and into feeling good.

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  • Relaxation & Restoration

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All About Lymphedema

Lymphedema disrupts the lymphatic system, causing fluid and protein buildup. While no cure exists, treatments improve life quality. It appears as primary (genetic) or secondary (damage-related) forms with recognizable early symptoms. Options include MLD, compression, exercise, CDT, surgery, medications, and self-care, offering hope for manageable living.

All About Lipedema

Part two of our series focuses on LIPEDEMA—a lesser-known condition affecting approximately 11% of women. It’s characterized by abnormal fat accumulation in specific areas, leading to disproportionate swelling, tenderness, and pain. Discover its causes and treatment options, including compression garments, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, and surgical interventions

Your Guide to Sunglasses After LASIK

After LASIK surgery, protecting your eyes is crucial. The procedure leaves a delicate corneal flap vulnerable to irritants. Sunglasses shield against dust, smoke, and rubbing, aiding healing and reducing discomfort. Choose quality UV-protective shades for safety and style, prioritizing fit for ultimate eye care.

All About Edema

Confused about body swelling? Edema vs. Lipedema vs. Lymphedema—our 3-part series begins with Edema. It’s excess body fluid, often from injuries or underlying issues. From gravity to pregnancy, causes vary. Luckily, management includes elevation, hydration, movement, and even professional help like Manual Lymphatic Drainage

All About The Vagus Nerve

The vagus nerve, a key player in our autonomic nervous system, influences our body’s relaxation response. It regulates heart rate, digestion, and even mood, highlighting its profound impact on overall well-being. Understanding the vagus nerve can unlock pathways to stress reduction and improved health.

What’s Your Post-Op Surgery Plan?

Navigating post-surgery care can be overwhelming. Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is as a game-changer, aiding in healing (as well as speeding it up) and reducing swelling and the risk of fibrosis. Despite the boom in surgeries, the understanding of vital aftercare like MLD remains lacking, leaving patients seeking solutions and therapists bridging the gap.

Taking Care of Your Eyes: a Quick Guide for Veterans

Injuries in the line of duty are to be expected. According to the Defense Centers for Public Health, up to 50% of military personnel suffer one or more injuries each year—and by the time soldiers graduate to be veterans, those injuries are likely to have accumulated....

All About Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD), a gentle hands-on therapy that enhances lymph flow, reduces swelling, aids healing, and promotes relaxation. Vital for surgical aftercare and general wellness, MLD is essential for every body.

Meet Michigan Massage and Wellness

Selecting a massage therapist requires more than chance. At Michigan Massage and Wellness, we’re not just another option; we’re a journey. Discover how our diverse services blend clinical precision, relaxation, pain relief, surgical recovery and more.

Our Services

We help people get out of the pain cave and teach them how to live (and move) better with a variety of massage and bodywork modalities and help them identify their ‘body blind spots’ and better manage their stress.

  • ashiatsu


    Ashiatsu massage is a deeply therapeutic technique using the therapist's feet to deliver soothing pressure. It releases tension, improves circulation, and offers unparalleled relaxation. Experience the benefits of deep tissue massage without the discomfort.

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  • pain management, C Section Scar therapy, relieve c section tightness, Troy Michigan and pain management, C Section Scar therapy, relieve c section tightness, Troy Michigan

    C-Section Scar Therapy

    MPS Therapy uses microcurrent to treat scar tissue by helping to reduce fascial restrictions and adhesions, relieve pain and more.

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  • massage therapy near me, Concussion therapy troy michigan and massage therapy near me, Concussion therapy troy michigan

    Concussion Recovery Therapy

    Concussions are more than bumps on the head; they can disrupt your brain's function. Symptoms vary, from headaches to memory loss. Recovery, aided by MPS Therapy, shows promising results, reducing stress, improving cognitive function, and alleviating symptoms like headaches and brain fog.

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  • cupping massage

    Cupping Massage

    Cupping massage enhances circulation, relieves muscle tension, and promotes relaxation. By creating suction on the skin's surface, it helps release toxins, reduce inflammation, and improve overall well-being. This therapy is popular for pain relief, stress reduction, and improving skin health.

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  • fascial stretching

    Fascial Stretching

    Stretching doesn't have to hurt to be effective. Try a gentler form of fascial stretching that will leave you relax, rejuvenated and refreshed.

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  • fascial stretching, stretch therapy

    Fascial Stretching + Massage

    Gentle, effective stretching combined with a restorative massage gives you the best of both worlds for those nagging aches and pains.

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Meet Our Massage & Wellness Professionals

  • Meet Rebecca-Owner/Body Ninja

    The brains behind Michigan Massage and Wellness, Rebecca’s specialties include Manual Lymphatic Drainage, scar therapy, concussions and more.

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  • Meet Naomi-Relaxation Queen Supreme

    If you feel like your stress level is 12/10 and you’re ready to run away from your life, once you land on Naomi’s table her expert relaxation skills will leave you refreshed, renewed and ready to take on life again.

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  • Photo of Karl, resident deep tissue massage expert at Michigan Massage and Wellness

    Meet Karl-Pain Eraser

    If you have a lifetime pass to the pain cave and want to cancel your membership, look no further than Karl, who thrives on pain relief, deep tissue work and manual lymphatic drainage.

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  • Photo of Nicole, our Ashiatsu massage therapist at Michigan Massage and Wellness

    Meet Nicole-Ashiatsu Expert

    Nicole is our Ashiatsu specialist and loves working with active populations for pain relief and injury prevention.

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