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helping you live a pain free life


Discover the healing power of expert massage and bodywork services at Michigan Massage and Wellness!

Real talk here. We’re not your typical massage place where you get a fluffy robe and a glass of wine. We’re the place you come to after you’ve tried everything else and are still in pain. We mean business, and when we say we’ll fix whatever ails you, and get back to doing what you love, we mean it.

Don’t wait any longer, book an appointment now so you can get relief sooner rather than later. Our specialized massage and bodywork sessions are the ultimate in pain relief. So if you’re dealing with chronic pain in your neck, shoulders, or back from sitting all day, look no further. 

Our skilled massage therapists will work their magic and you’ll soon be back to taking over the world. 

Meet our Kick Ass Team

At Michigan Massage and Wellness, we have a combined 32 +  years of experience in massage and bodywork.

Photo or Rebecca Tamm, a licensed massage therapist in Troy Michigan

Meet Rebecca. She is the mastermind behind Michigan Massage and Wellness and her specialties include Manual Lymphatic Drainage (her newest passion is working with surgical patients), scar tissue therapy, TMJ problems and concussion recovery. She bakes a killer loaf of sourdough and her extra money goes towards traveling and giving her dogs their best life possible

Photo of Karl, resident deep tissue massage expert at Michigan Massage and Wellness

Meet Karl. When he isn’t whipping something up in the kitchen or enjoying a movie night with friends and family he is helping everyone with their chronic pain, movement dysfunctions and educating clients on how to maintain their results between sessions. While shoulders are one of his many specialties (especially frozen shoulder), he sees people from all walks of life and has extensive knowledge of anatomy and we like to think of him as a detective as he searches to find the origin of your pain and work to eliminate it.

Photo of Naomi, our relaxation and prenatal massage therapist at Michigan Massage and Wellness

Meet Naomi. Naomi’s massages have been described as magical and for good reason. Her blend between relaxation and therapeutic work will get into those areas of concern but still lull you into a dream state, especially when she throws a scalp massage into her sessions. When she isn’t making the lives of clients better she can be found reading, planning her next travel adventure with her husband or enjoying time with friends and family.

Photo of Nicole, our Ashiatsu massage therapist at Michigan Massage and Wellness

Meet Nicole.  She specializes in deep tissue work and Ashiatsu, which is basically walking on your back (in a good way). She may be our youngest therapist but she is wise beyond her years. In addition to being our top notch Ashiatsu therapist, she is also studying to become an Occupational Therapist so she can continue to follow her passion for the human body and how it functions. She did 4 years of competitive cheer so knows the toll that sports can take on the body and her passion for this work translates to you having one of the best massages of your life.

Experience the ultimate in pain relief with our specialized massage and bodywork sessions

Our top-notch services are designed to help alleviate pain and discomfort, promoting your overall well-being and improving your quality of life. Whether you’re dealing with an injury, chronic pain, or simply looking to feel your best, our skilled massage therapists have got you covered!

We offer a variety of massage and bodywork services, including:

  • relaxation and deep tissue massage
  • prenatal massage
  • scar tissue therapy
  • Cupping 
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage
  • Ashiatsu

Plus, we have breathwork and Yoga TuneUp®

What’s Yoga TuneUp®?  It’s yoga for people who don’t like yoga, and focuses more on corrective exercise and helping them identify their ‘body blind spots.  If you’re looking to know WHERE your pain points are and HOW to treat them on your own and want a fun, welcoming environment to just play and learn more about your body, we welcome you.

The Restore, relaxation massage

Massage & Bodywork

Kick muscle pain to the curb with our expert massage and bodywork sessions. Our skilled massage therapists will work their magic, leaving you feeling like a new person – revived, renewed, and ready to take on the world!

Yoga, Stretching & Breathwork Classes

Michigan Massage and Wellness is one of the few places in the state to offer Yoga Tune Up®. The primary focus is corrective exercise, mobility, and functional movement. We want you to feel (and move) your best every day. We also offer both in person and virtual Breathwork sessions.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Are you having surgery soon?  Both Rebecca and Karl are certified in Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Rebecca has advanced training for plastic surgery procedures including liposuction, tummy tuck, breast surgeries, BBL and more.  As you plan your surgery dates with your surgeon, get on our schedule for your manual lymphatic drainage sessions.  If you’re not certain how many to book, contact us. Don’t wait until after your surgery to try and book a lymphatic drainage session.

Neglecting the pain in your body is costing you

  • You can’t sleep
  • You can’t enjoy your hobbies
  • You can’t exercise
  • You don’t want to get surgery

We understand how frustrating it is to be in pain

Getting regular massage and bodywork will help you to:

Alleviate chronic pain

Sleep through the night

Enjoy your life

Here's how to do it

Step 1

Schedule an appointment.

Step 2

Create a treatment plan.

Step 3

Experience relief from pain.

Photo of Rebecca Tamm. massage therapist, stretching a massage client on a massage table

“Rebecca knows her craft! She maintains the highest level of professionalism, while making it an enjoyable experience. She explains her methods in such a way that helps anyone understand the process. Thank you for the session!”

– Mario P.

At Michigan Massage and Wellness, we’re all about helping you feel your best.  Just imagine telling pain to get the hell out of your life with our exceptional services. 

Don’t neglect the pain in your body, it’s costing you. Regular massage and bodywork can improve your quality of life and even prevent migraines, back pain, and depression. Book your appointment now and let us take care of you.

What Some of Our Clients Have to Say

Michigan Massage and Wellness

The official Michigan Massage and Wellness mascots: Elliot and Cooper. Elliot (the black and brown lab/hound mix) is currently living her best ‘retired’ life sleeping on the couch and laying in the sun while her ‘brother’ Cooper (lab/hound/staffy/mutt) loves coming to work and putting his Go Team Therapy Dog skills to use by being a calming presence in the treatment room and getting all the pets he can.

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