Fascial Stretching

Stretching doesn't have to hurt to be effective. Try a gentler form of fascial stretching that will leave you relax, rejuvenated and refreshed.

Fascial Stretching may feel gentle but you’ll be surprised at how effective it is. While there are many styles of stretching in the bodywork world, fascial stretching incorporations gentle traction and slow movements which will in turn help to reduce or eliminate tight muscles, stiff joints, pain, improve flexibility, muscle activation response and relaxation. This is the solution to those sticky, icky joints that cause you so many problems. Get “stretch drunk” today!

Starting Price: $50

Team Members Specializing in this Service

  • Naomi

    If you feel like your stress level is 12/10 and you're ready to run away from your life, once you land on Naomi's table her expert relaxation skills will leave you refreshed, renewed and ready to take on life again.

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